Friday, November 20, 2009

Fatherhood Friday - Here's What Happened...

It is Friday! I look forward to Fridays for a couple of reasons. First, it's the end of my work week and I can walk away from my desk and not have to answer the phone, check email, or do anything work related for two days. My wife and daughter are at home all week while I sit here and watch the clock at work. It makes me crazy because I'd rather be with the both of them so on Friday when I can pack up for the weekend I can't wait to get home.

Friday night is also good for something else. Once our little one goes to bed my wife and I celebrate with a pizza...It's our own little pizza night. The routine is the same every Friday. First it's bath time, then she gets fed, I call for the pizza, we tuck the baby in and I go pick it up. By the time I get home we can just relax. We are big fans of the shows on USA especially Monk, Psych, and their latest series White Collar. So we eat our pizza, catch up on the week, talk about baby girl, and just unwind with some mindless TV.

Time is very important in a marriage especially when there are children involved. We're new at the parenting game and it would be very easy to lose track of our marriage in all those dirty diapers, teething, play time, etc. We need time for us and pizza night gives is just one of the ways we get that. It seems small, but it works for us...I can almost smell the pizza already!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Capture - Sunset, Sunrise, somewhere in between...

I always hope to post more than I actually do. I get ideas throughout the week, mostly on the drive home, and this week was no different. Do I want to talk about our teething battles? Or, maybe our last family day adventure? They say the road of life is paved with good intentions, and more and more I find that to be true. I often have great intentions, that I have difficulty following through.

This week's You Capture assignment was Sunrise/Sunset...Well, my intention of getting the camera out the door early one morning was never fulfilled, but I did catch a full moon a couple weeks ago that sort of fits.

While I was taking this picture I was thinking how cool the moon looks and that I couldn't wait until my daughter can run around outside and I can start showing her all the cools things that are around her everyday. TV will not be the center of her life like it was for mine...I mean, I still love TV and she will too I'm sure, but being outside on a crisp fall day with the leaves falling and deer in the back field beats any show on TV. I want her to experience all of that...She's only 6 months old, but I'm counting the days when I can run around outside with my wife and daughter and play in the leaves without looking ridiculous.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Capture - Real Life

What's my real life like these days? Well my photo should sum it up pretty quickly. It's funny, my wife and I have been talking about how much our lives have changed since our little girl was born. it's gone from 0-60 in no time at all. As crazy as it is trying to navigate the world of new parenthood, I wouldn't trade a single second. Being a dad is about the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Sure we've had to make some sacrifices, we've lost some sleep, we've been pooped on, peed on, spit up on, but we have the cutest little girl you've ever seen to show for all of our trials.

She's wonderful. So what's my real life? My real life is my wife and my daughter and doing everything I can for both of them. I'm not perfect, sometimes I whine, but I try hard and we are doing well.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Girl...

It was bound to happen. I mean she's 6 months old it's really a wonder that I made it this far without getting peed on. No, I don't blame her. It was totally my fault. I got cocky, I said to myself "self, the tub is only ten feet away, I can make it." Turns out, I couldn't.

Prior to this, I'd hear stories from other parents who have been the victims of their little one's active and well-aimed bladders never thinking it would happen to me. I promised to do things differently. I would be careful not to put myself in dangerous situations, but alas I've learned nothing from the stories. And now, as punishment I am marked with pee.

10 feet, that's all it was. I just had to carry her 10 feet to the tub to start our nightly bedtime routine and as I knelt down to make the final transition she made her sneak attack. When it was over and the smoke cleared she was smiling. I've never seen her look so proud (or was it relieved?) in all her life. Can a 6 month old feel pride? I think so.

The experienced parents out there are probably laughing at this rookie, but if you are expecting your first child, heed my words. The pee can come anytime, don't be a hero, don't ditch that diaper until it is absolutely necessary. Good luck out there!