Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Acid Reflux you fickle B*tch...

Well, here we are, 2 weeks since my last post and so much going on at work and at home that I nearly forgot about the blog entirely. Well, not entirely, but close to it. I may have mentioned before that our daughter is suffering from acid reflux. This makes feeding painful for her and her mama, and it makes our home just a touch more stressful as we try to figure out the best course of action to help our LG.

Our biggest problem is that every day is different. She'll have 2-3 great days and then on the 4th day she'll be back to the screaming uncomfortable girl she was before she was diagnosed. Before we discovered the source of her pain and found a medication that would sooth her little belly, it was non-stop crying at casa de baby. These cries were not little 'I'm Hungry' or 'I messed myself' cries, these were the cries of pain both blood curdling and heartbreaking.

And then we found medication. Prevacid to be exact and for a few days she was much better and we thought we'd cured her. Nope. 3 good days and then we started going back down that hill again not back to those ear piercing screams, but she was really fussy and agitated during her meals. It was then that I made a mistake. I assumed the Prevacid wasn't working at all so rather than medicate her aimlessly I suggested we skip a dose to see what happens. Wrong, wrong, wrong, idea. We didn't give her the evening dose and at her very next feeding those heartbreaking cries echoed through the house and down the street. It was like we were back to when she was 2-weeks old.

Back on the Prevacid she went, and improve she did...For the most part. It's not perfect, but it helps. I hope she out grows it eventually like all the doctor's say she will because no baby needs this.

If you're a constant reader you'll be happy to know that our LG, despite the reflux issues began smiling a couple weeks ago. She smiles more at mama, but I'm getting more and more everyday and she is beautiful.


Eric the Bolton said...

All three of my babies have had AR/GERD.

my oldest daughter was the worst..

We've used prevacid, zantac and reglan.. Had to do Flex sigs, EGDs, Endoscopies.. We even had to switch to Soy Milk for about a year.. And she had to use Nutramagen when she was on formula..

She eventually grew out of it..

The other two were ok with the zantac medicine..

I hope yours gets better soon.

Maybe check to see if it's a particular food or the formula..

Surfer Jay said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch. It's horrible seeing our babies in pain and there's nothing we can do.

surprised mom said...

I'm so sorry your LG has acid reflux. I have it as an adult and it's painful enough. How hard it is for parents to watch their little ones suffer. I hope she grows out of it so very soon!

Otter Thomas said...

That sounds awful. I hope it gets better fast. Nobody wants to hear their little baby scream in pain.

BellaDaddy said...

We tried (and please consult your nurse, as I know you would)...lemon. A little lemon in her water and it actually worked. We used fresh juice and those little packets of crystalized lemon...a very small amount...and it truly worked. I even use use the lemon trick when I get a case of heartburn or reflux...or eat too much...Hope the little one feels better soon, for all your sakes ;-)