Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been awhile.

Wow, the summer has been a blur. I've gone quite a few weeks without a post. Is it because I'm not tired anymore? No. I'm still tired, but during the summer months I'm not tied to the computer as much as I am between September and June. So instead of telling my every wacky parenting adventure this summer, I've just been enjoying my time with the family. I haven't really had anything worth saying that was more important than being with my wife and little girl.

Here's the last couple months in brief:

I've learned that the beach is great for naps, it's like as soon as the breeze kicks up she gets a little sleepy. She still doesn't take naps during the day that last longer than a sneeze, but she's trying. One day we'll get a break in the afternoon, but until that time we'll take what we can get. She's smiling so much now I almost don't want her to nap just to see that smile a little more.

She does like her walks. We have a little routine where my wife and I eat dinner load LG into the stroller and breeze through town. LG is amazed by all the trees, she cranes her tiny neck all around to see the leaves blowing in the breeze, and sometimes she falls asleep. It's fun to walk around town, but we always wonder why we don't see anyone else...Too much TV I guess.

The drive-in is a great place to bring a baby. We can load all the comforts of home into the car, find a secluded spot in the parking lot and enjoy a movie while LG sleeps. We've done it successfully on two occasions. The movies? Harry Potter and UP...Both very entertaining, and apparently calming to a 3 month old. Haven't been to NJ's only drive-in movie theater? That's inexcusable it's only 8 bucks per person for a double feature. For more info check on this link for the Delsea Drive-in.

All in all we're discovering that you can do a lot with a baby, so long as she's fed every couple of hours and she's in bed around the same time every night. For the love of all that is good in this world do not, I repeat, do not miss bed time by more than 30 minutes. Your baby will transform into an uncontrollable storm that you can only hope to contain long enough to get them clean and fed and into bed.

Parenthood is great.


Jason said...

When we took the youngest to Florida 2 years ago we just put him in his car seat on the patio and he fell right asleep. It was like magic!

surprised mom said...

Parenthood is wonderful. Mine are in their teens, with one heading off to college in a few short hours. It's been awhile since we've experienced the first smiles, napping (unless the husband I do it) and having them fall asleep while being cradled against us. But, I have the memories and they are fantastic.
You are so right about bedtime. It's essential not to miss the actual bed time by more than a few minutes. You should hear my husband and me whine when we miss ours!

JonnyTam13 said...

Damn, I just read this post! I live up near Princeton so the drive-in is a little far, but I was just in Cape May last week! I haven't been to a movie in YEARS! Maybe next time. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Otter Thomas said...

I would love it if we had a drive in. That would be great. Enjoy the time now where you can take them anywhere. It gets harder or at least it has for us.

Keith Wilcox said...

We use to go to a drive in movie theater in Texas. The boys were just babies, but it made for such a great family outing. It's a picnic with entertainment and a concessions stand. You are right, compared with taking care of a kid and doing dad stuff -- blogging doesn't seem so important :-)