Monday, November 9, 2009

Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Girl...

It was bound to happen. I mean she's 6 months old it's really a wonder that I made it this far without getting peed on. No, I don't blame her. It was totally my fault. I got cocky, I said to myself "self, the tub is only ten feet away, I can make it." Turns out, I couldn't.

Prior to this, I'd hear stories from other parents who have been the victims of their little one's active and well-aimed bladders never thinking it would happen to me. I promised to do things differently. I would be careful not to put myself in dangerous situations, but alas I've learned nothing from the stories. And now, as punishment I am marked with pee.

10 feet, that's all it was. I just had to carry her 10 feet to the tub to start our nightly bedtime routine and as I knelt down to make the final transition she made her sneak attack. When it was over and the smoke cleared she was smiling. I've never seen her look so proud (or was it relieved?) in all her life. Can a 6 month old feel pride? I think so.

The experienced parents out there are probably laughing at this rookie, but if you are expecting your first child, heed my words. The pee can come anytime, don't be a hero, don't ditch that diaper until it is absolutely necessary. Good luck out there!


OM said...

The first time my boy peed was seconds after he was born, and straight on the nurse. I knew he had my sense of humor.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious.

I've only had a similar situation happen once so far, in my daughters 9.5 months of life....but it happened at a restaurant when she peed all over the new diaper, diaper cover, her outfit, the counter and the floor. Oh and because they didn't have a changing table, the counter I was changing her on had a doily that got soaked as well. It was an experience.

surprised mom said...

Of course I'm smiling, gently though, not laughing. I've been peed on by experts, and it sounds like your daughter is one.

Before I had a child, I was changing my girlfriend's baby son. I didn't know to keep a diaper over him while changing the diaper under him. In the end he peed on me, himself, the couch, the blanket and the curtains. His grandmother, my mom's best friend, was laughing her head off. Like your daughter, the baby was smiling broadly.

PC NenaX said...

I cannot count the times my husband and I have been peed on in the course of our 5 children...but I do remember the first moment I was tagged...only hours after my son was born and it was our first diaper change together. That boy got some height and damn near made it to my mouth from a lay down position...all I could remember doing was blocking his stream with my hand and bent over laughing in pain. He has proven to hold up to his sense of humor at birth...he keeps me entertained and in laughter. :)