Thursday, March 18, 2010

149. The Geese are back, it must be Spring...

Spring is in the air. As I type this it's 70 degrees outside, the sun is shining, and the daffodils are popping up out of the ground.

What does Spring have in store for us? Well, we'll finally be able to get back outside. Our little girl was born in May so we had a fantastic first 5 months of her life wandering outside and taking little adventures that kept us wrapped in fresh air and sunshine. And then, Winter came and we locked up the windows, packed away all the short sleeves, and huddled up waiting for our chance to get that stroller rolling again.

As part of my rather ineffective New Year's resolution to lose weight, I signed up to run the annual Philadelphia Broad St. Run...In cold weather, this 10 mile exercise in disaster has forced be back on the treadmill. Now that it's finally warmer I can run outside. Sure I could have been like a few of my neighbors jogging down the road with 10 inches of snow on the ground, but I'm just not that dedicated.

The race is in May and I am on pace to be sufficiently prepared for the 10 mile trip...At least I hope so. I ran almost 6 miles this past Tuesday and felt pretty good. I could have done more but I crossed paths with my wife and daughter who were walking around town enjoying the sun and I just had to stop to be with them. I ran almost 4 miles yesterday and was just a bit sore, but still felt good. So with a little more than a month to go things are looking pretty good.

Between now and then, staying motivated to run will be my toughest challenge...Warmer weather means fun outside with the family, time on the water with a fishing rod, and some work to be done out in the yard. We'll see how it goes...

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