Friday, October 15, 2010

Fatherhood Friday: Mealtime Maladies

I know I've mentioned before that I love food...It is the biggest reason I continue to struggle with my weight. I grew up in a house with a picky mother and because of that I thought I was picky for a very long time. Once I was old enough to spread my wings, I found out that most food is good. The revelation led me to another, if most food is good, I should eat as much as I can for as long as I can to make up for the food embargo I suffered through as a kid.

Before you stop reading I promise it's not another "I'm fat so here's what I'm doing about it' post like my last one. This one is a call for help. I am the father of a picky daughter. For months she ate whatever we put in front of her, but now it's all on her terms and if she doesn't want something she creates an impenetrable force field of flailing arms, lock jaw, and head swings that defies logic.

She eats an amazing breakfast. It's definitely her favorite meal of the day, but lunch and dinner rarely go smoothly. We've tried everything: vegetables in all manner of styles, fruits in every color and flavor, proteins that would make a five star chef applaud (OK so that last one was an exaggeration, but I do put the effort in), purees squeezed into the tightest of recipes, and we end up with nothing.

She will readily eat Lima beans, peas, berries, & yogurt but anything else is a struggle. So I ask you, how do I get this girl to enjoy food without developing the unholy attachment I had to it? I just want lunch or dinner each day to go well...It's a struggle and it's exhausting.

So please, if you have tips leave them in the comments...I will take every one of them seriously.

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BellaDaddy said...

Not certain if this will work for u, but, we tried everything as well. Finally, to get her to eat veggies, we portrayed them as anything other than veggies. For example, we made happy faces with her food, told her it was Daddy face, etc..., and broccoli became little trees, peas were grass, etc...

Who knows eh?